Monday, 3 June 2013

Farewell to the Pilbara

 mid May 

The rain and the cold drove us out of the East Pilbara.  It rained from 2pm one afternoon all through the night so in the morning as it had stopped we packed up the tent quickly to escape.  The track out was getting pretty bad.  We stopped again at Marble Bar where the ‘hottest town in Australia’ was recording a temperature of 18 degrees! 

We drove down Doolena Gap to Doolena Gorge to take a look and it was another pretty, free campsite.  Then we headed out to Shay Gap, over the De Grey River which pretty much marked the end of the Pilbara for us. No more pretty hills or mountains to surprise us.  But we hit the plains and found our first camel for the trip!

Collecting shells along Eighty Mile Beach was a nice way to while away a few hours (and we caught up on our washing with the $2 a load washing machines) and then we headed to Broome.

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