Monday, 3 June 2013

Broome for one night only


It was one of the worst drives we’ve done – the landscape did not change the entire 300 or so km and the kids were loud and raucous and Simon and I had not had our morning coffee as we had run out. A lethal combination. 

I was surprised by my own emotion as we drove towards Broome playing our favourite Missy Higgins/Ernie Dingo song “Driving up the dusty red highway”. It was what I was playing a lot when Simon was in hospital after his heart-attack and we began to dream to do this trip earlier than we had been planning.  The emotion caught me by surprise as it reminded me of how difficult those times were and the feeling of quiet happiness that we were ‘living our dream’ as they say. 

Driving up the dusty red highway
I’ve got this freedom blowing wind in my hair
Soaking up this wild desert country
All my troubles are gone I don’t care.
Hey Mama I can just smell your fish soup and rice
I’m coming back home to you
Not cut out for this city life
Soon I’ll be dreaming in Broome….

Stephen Pigram

We got into Roebuck Bay Caravan Park when it was dark after doing a massive shop, ate hot chicken sandwiches followed down by cherry ripes and enjoyed hearing the raucous noises of the locals in the next door park ALL NIGHT LONG!

In the morning when Otto woke up in the pre-dawn light we were really taken aback with the view we had over the beautiful Roebuck Bay!  One of the few pleasures of setting up the tent in the dark is discovering where you are the next morning.

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