Monday, 3 June 2013

Dinosaur footprints and more - Broome again

Dinosaur footprints and more

Back in Broome, smack on low tide at 7.15am Wednesday morning we went searching for the 120 million year old dinosaur footprints at Gantheaume Point. It was much harder to reach than we expected as the rocks were REALLY slippery and hard to negotiate.  Thankfully another family had seen the prints when the sunlight hit them in a certain way so they showed us where they were – otherwise we’d never have found them. Another set was already under water by the time we got there (only 15 minutes after the actual low tide – see this water does move fast) so we were keen to get ourselves off the rocks before we all got wet.

Pretty amazing to have our kids hands in footprints of a dinosaur. Back at the shelter near the car we learned that unlike most places in the world that have dinosaur footprints of 1 or 2 different dinos, Broome is special because you can see the footprints of 9 different types of dinosaurs!  They also form part of the creation stories of the local Indigenous people so they have both paleontological and cultural significance.  It’s also the start of a songline that would’ve helped Aboriginal people navigate their way from Broome to Queensland!  How’s that?

Cable Beach was a surprise – it really was exceptionally beautiful. We saw two sunsets down there and the three camel trains which was fun. But we never went there during the day for a swim – too many other things to do! 

The biggest highlight for the whole family was going to Sun Pictures on Saturday night to see a kids movie.  It’s the oldest picture gardens in the world and it was pretty special – old projectors, old building, an antique rickshaw.  Local families were really organized and not only took blankets but also pillows for their kids.  At the climax of the movie a huge Qantas jet took off at the Broome airport located right in town and flew right over us…it was a thrill and just added to the atmosphere. It was a hoot!

I checked out Magabala – a not for profit, independent Indigenous publishing house that sells fantastic books. I’m learning so much by reading their books, and their kids books are just a delight to hold and read and look at.  I love them!  Chinatown was a bit of fun, Hugo got his hair cut there so he no longer looks like a teen rock star. 

We spent a fun afternoon at Matso’s brewery with Chris and Denise, we had a fish BBQ with our new friends from Carrawine Gorge and met up with the lovely Em and her little boys who we’d met up with back at Parry’s Beach in Denmark in Jan (they are locals). 

Broome is like no other town on this west coast and we thoroughly loved our time here.

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  1. Dinosaur prints are amazing. Glad you saw them. Also loved your post on swimming with the whale sharks - sure is an experience.