Thursday, 18 July 2013

Wolfe Creek

Wolfe Creek

Our itinerary keeps changing on a daily sometimes hourly basis.  Because we’re running short of time I kept trying to persuade Hugo NOT to see Wolfe Creek Meteorite Crater.  But he was steadfast he wanted to see it.  So late in the afternoon we headed down the Tanami Road and didn’t reach the campground till long after dark.  Shame because what we saw in the setting sun was magnificent country.

It was cold that night and early in the morning  - freezing in fact.  We all needed our jumpers on to go exploring the crater.  You could see the crater wall easily from our tent and it’s a reasonably gentle slope. So I was amazed when we reached the rim to see how steep it was down the inside of the crater. 

Wow.  This was impressive and well worth seeing! We loved it.  A meteorite hit the earth a long time ago and it really does look like something big has whacked into it.  It’s the second largest meteorite crater in the world.  The Walmajarri people have known about it for a long time and one of their creation stories is based on this.  We clambered down the side and into the centre of the crater and looked all around us.  Such a site! Thanks for taking us there Hugo. 

PS Now that we've been there it's now probably OK for Simon and I to watch the movie. We've never seen it. 

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