Friday, 22 March 2013

Bloody backpackers and dogs

Mid February 2013 

We’re staying at Big Valley about 12km out of Margaret River on a working sheep farm.  Although it had been recommended to us by a few families, and the price is good, no-one had told us it was a backpackers hang-out.  We are in a sheep paddock with great views and at night we’re loving the big open sky and stars but we’ve decided that we’re over backpackers and dogs in camping grounds.  Particularly when the backpackers are loud, 21 year old foghorns from Ireland and the dogs are just as large and loud and the owners don’t control them.

But apart from that it’s great! The farmers who run it are friendly, Otto has finally fed the sheep (although he was too frightened to actually hand-feed them himself and threw his pellets at the sheep) and he’s patted the pet goat that rides on the back of a motorbike.   Isobel’s biology is coming along nicely as she could identify the ram in the group. So all is mostly good, especially the hot showers that are not dependent on solar heating!

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