Monday, 11 February 2013

A fortnight in Denmark

17 January 2013

Only 50 kms west of Albany is the lovely town of Denmark. Denmark has it all.  The town sits alongside a river which flows into the big Wilson Inlet and is close to some amazing beaches. There are hills, beautiful big trees, farmland, vineyards, foodie tourism places to enjoy and a brewery.  We love it and could easily move here.  I found some great blocks of land for sale!

The highlight of our fortnight in this area was William Bay National Park and Green’s Pool. The summer days are surprisingly cool so any day that was warm enough for a swim we hit Green’s Pool to swim, snorkel and jump off the rocks.

At Madfish Bay next door we saw a giant sting ray feeding off the rocks, and next door to it was Waterfall Beach where the freshwater stream meets the beach on some rocks about 2 metres high and forms a lovely little water fall. But the fresh water is a bit chilly and none of us had a shower.

Lights Beach was an amazing find; we found it late one afternoon and discovered a series of rock pools that start high and end low and the waves wash over the higher rock pools and the water cascades down to the lowest and sweeps around a huge boulder back out into the ocean. We had our evening meal sitting on top of a big granite boulder enjoying the views and the warm water pool left behind when the tide went back in.

We left Denmark sadly and still haven’t done so much of it; none of the walks along the Bibbulmun Track (the long distance walk from Perth to Albany with some lovely sections along this stretch of the coast), not investigated Wilson Inlet or the Nullaki Peninsular, headlands and beaches not explored, so we’ll just have to come back!

Finally, we will only just miss Walpole’s Ficifolia Festival. It turns out this flowering gum tree only grows in this tiny section of Australia naturally…and mostly only along the Ficifolia Road near Peaceful Bay.  So Drouin, you’re not the only one to celebrate the ficifolia when in full bloom!

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