Friday, 7 December 2012

Eyre Peninsula – Memory Cove

Memory Cove - 28 Nov to 1 December 2012
We’re almost at the end of our Eyre Peninsula investigation and I have to say we have absolutely loved it and would highly recommend it to everyone.

It’s SA’s biggest peninsula and we haven’t seen any of the inland parts but what we’ve seen has taken our breath away.

The eastern coastline isn’t anything to write home about really; mangroves, small beaches, loads of seaweed, small coastal towns that boast its ‘halfway between Port Augusta and Port Lincoln’ as it has nothing else to boast about. 

But where the southern ocean meets its coastline the serene beaches of the Spencer Gulf give way to dramatic headlands, coves, little bays, cliffs and stunning coastal dunes, salt lakes and lagoons. 

The Port Lincoln National Park is down the southern end of the Eyre Peninsula and within it has a Wilderness Protection Area called ‘Memory Cove.’  They only allow a handful of 4WDs in each day and have 5 camping sites; you need a key to get through a gate. 

We camped here for the maximum time allowed (3 days) and Otto celebrated his birthday here.  We set up the hammock, swam in the turquoise water, played in the sand, fished and from our tent spotted dolphins and seals and countless sea birds.

Memory Cove Highlights: 

Otto’s birthday was a real treat.  He got a fishing rod which he was pretty excited about and used straight away.  Simon made a lime cheesecake and we sang happy birthday on the beach after eating whiting and flathead the other campers had caught and gifted to us.

Hugo caught 2 fish with Otto’s rod on his birthday and was wrapt as they were the first two fish he’d ever caught.

Isobel and I had a seal follow us back to our campsite one day from midway down the cove to the end.

For the first time we saw Pacific Gulls, about 3 times the size of our normal silver gulls and quite sedate.  They’re great to watch.

Only downside: The bees!  In the summer they are searching for water so hang around campsites. So our tap and jerry can were a great source of excitement for them (and us) and doing the dishes was interesting.  We used our fly annexe for the first time and it worked a treat.

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